The Golem FactoryThe Golem Factory

Adva expected to leave the golem factory with nothing more than her last paycheck and a smile. Instead, she’s on the run with something – or someone – infinitely more interesting and dangerous – an indestructible golem named Tal who is showing aggressive tendencies.

Putting together a plan on the fly, they hop a train to the north to find the man Adva ran from five years ago. If they’re lucky, he will be able to break the bond between her and Tal – without breaking them both permanently.

THE GOLEM FACTORY is available at Amazon and select independent bookstores.


Eye_of_the_StormEye of the Storm

The old gods aren’t gone. Whether you know it or not, they’re closer than a breath upon your cheek.

Alexander Sekhmet keeps to himself, far from the Machiavellian games played by his Family, and he’s led a quiet ordered life as a result. Until now.

When his legendary temper is exploited by an ancient enemy, tricking him into destroying his human identity, he takes drastic steps to protect his empire. He possesses the body of Camilla Sykes, a West Point lieutenant, and takes her identity, memories – and soul – with him.

Ian Dorsey, Classics PhD candidate, has lost his job and his father in one fiery afternoon, and appears to be losing his mind in the bargain. Why else is he hearing voices, telling him to kill his father’s client? Or are the voices coming from somewhere darker?

When gods and mortals meet, the Apocalypse follows.

EYE OF THE STORM is available at Amazon and select independent bookstores.

Reviews from readers:

The Golem Factory

“This was originally published as a serial, but it reads as a cohesive story. I enjoyed following the golem as he escaped the factory with a human along side him. Magical, suspenseful, and a pretty fast read.

– Amazon reviewer

“This is a novella rather than a novel, but the seeds for a longer, very entertaining series are there. I hope the author continues the storyline.

– Amazon reviewer

Eye of the Storm

Dialogue in Eye of the Storm was some of the best I’ve read this year. Without exception, when I was reading characters interact with one another, I didn’t feel like I was reading it. I could fully see a vividly spoken movie flowing through my imagination […]”

Leanne of Literary Excursion

“From Kings of the Sidhe to Thanatos, many gods and goddesses peered out of the darkness and back at the reader. With an ending ripe for a sequel, the Deus Ex Famillia series promises to be an enjoyable adventure for those with strong constitutions and interest in the apocalypse.

Victoria Irwin of The Geek Girl Project