Aimee Kuzenski

Photo by Jason Stahl

Aimee Kuzenski is a speculative fiction writer with an eclectic history, ranging from the stage to circuit design to Filipino martial arts. By day, she works as a technical writer for a local engineering company. A graduate of the Viable Paradise writer’s workshop, she writes fantasy, science fiction, and her own blend of the two. In a nod to her theater background, she has also done some audiobook narration for independent authors and the SFF short fiction podcast PodCastle.

Aimee has been inhaling science fiction and fantasy since her childhood. Starting with six hour marathons of classic Dr Who on Sundays and every single book on Greek myths her grandmother would allow her to check out, she moved on to the adult SF/F stacks, read everything there, and hasn’t stopped since. After discovering the existence of conventions in high school, Aimee has been active in many conventions, including acting as MC for the CONvergence masquerade for its first few years.

Unwilling to stop at intellectual pursuits, Aimee also trains in eskrima, a Filipino martial art. She believes hitting things with sticks is both fulfilling and therapeutic.

Aimee has an apartment, a hairless cat, and reams of fantastic friends.