Translunar Travelers Lounge

“Since the shuttle accident that broke my brain, getting out of bed is like marshalling a poorly-trained and easily-distracted army. Turns out I’m not a good general. I’m a medtech, or at least, I used to be. Nursing is the only thing I’ve ever been good at, but I really can’t be trusted near sharp objects anymore.”

The Golem Factory

The Golem Factory

Adva expected to leave the golem factory with nothing more than her last paycheck and a smile. Instead, she’s on the run with something – or someone – infinitely more interesting and dangerous – an indestructible golem named Tal who is showing aggressive tendencies.

Eye of the StormEye of the Storm

Alexander Sekhmet keeps to himself, far from the Machiavellian games played by his Family, and he’s led a quiet ordered life as a result. Until now.